Surfing Europe in Winter: the 3 best surf spots for a combination of sun and waves

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Yes, also in Europe you can surf in winter. For those who don't want to travel far, Europe has perfect waves and more sunshine to offer than you might think. The 3 best surf spots in winter for surfing and learning to surf are Portugal (Algarve in the south), Andalusia, as well as the Canary Island Fuerteventura. So, pack your board and wetsuit - even in winter you can surf and enjoy the sun in Europe.

When you think of winter and autumn in Europe, rainy, gray days, warm sweaters and hot drinks might come to your mind. But winter and autumn also means: the best season to find consistent waves in Europe.

From September to April the European surf spots come to life. Because then Atlantic storms cause a lot of swell to reach the European coasts.

# Surfspot 1: Portugal - Algarve

Although Portugal is a relatively small country, it is littered with top surf spots. From Espiño in the north near Porto to Sagres in the south of Portugal, the country offers top quality waves for every surfer with its many different coasts and orientations. And while it can get cold in Ericeira or Peniche in winter, the temperatures in the south are comparatively mild even in November. Sagres offers temperatures of 9 - 17 degrees and many sunny days - even in December.

Beach in Sagres Portugal

Especially the south-western tip around Sagres, offers you a diverse wave selection whether beach break, point break, fast, slow, left or right - Sagres has a wave for every surfer. Sagres also has a few bars and cafés on offer, for the slight chance of a rainy day. We also strongly recommend a visit to Ceramico Paraiso for beautiful tableware ;).

# Surfspot 2: Andalusia - El Palmar

Andalusia is perfect for a winter surf trip. Sunny days, white beaches and incredibly delicious food (mouth-watering tapas!) make Andalusia one of the best destinations. If you think that you can't surf in Andalusia, you should go there again in autumn or winter. With the water still being warm you will find surprisingly good waves from late October to April.


The beaches of El Palmar and Caños de Meca are particularly good for surfing. El Palmar is one of the spots with the highest wave guarantee, but also quite frequently blown out. Caños de Meca offers different peaks. Here you will find spots for beginners and advanced surfers and you can surf very good waves in winter.

And while the waves in El Palmar are always a bit bigger, be sure to check out Cadiz, just 20 minutes away. One of the oldest cities in Europe charms with its relaxed flair and the Mercado Central, where you can get the most delicious Spanish specialties.

# Surfspot 3: Canary Islands - Fuerteventura

The Canary Islands are also called the Hawaii of Europe. Here the weather is perfect for most of the year. Geographically, the islands are located on the west coast of Africa and thus offer a popular destination for those who want to escape the cold European winter.

Fuerteventure - Canary Islands

Whether Gran Canaria, Lanzarote or Fuerteventure, all islands offer you waves all year round. From beginner waves to waves for advanced surfers - there is something for every surfer.

Since some spots have strong localism in the water, you should inform yourself about the spots before you jump into the water for the first time. But then you can escape the European winter and enjoy 20 degrees water temperature and sunshine.

Conclusion Surfing in Europe in Winter

Even in Europe you can find good waves and sun in winter. Most holiday regions are much emptier and cheaper and give you the chance to experience them quite differently than in summer. Fall and winter offer a great opportunity to discover some real surfing gems in Europe. So save yourself the money (and emissions) for the long haul flight and discover some of Europe's greatest waves.

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